February 2018
Ten years ago Sheri helped me buy my first home. I had met another realtor and felt the need to keep looking until I was referred to her. She was surprised I had not been looking on my own. I explained I wasn’t much of a shopper. I asked that she only show me a handful of houses to pick from that had my wish list, was in my budget, and in the areas I was looking…oh, and since I’d probably pick one fast, to make sure my mother would approve. Sheri told me she wouldn’t show me anything she wouldn’t put her daughter in. 
The other realtor kept sending me listings anyway. A few looked pretty good so I sent them to Sheri. “That’s in front of a mall.” “There’s a railroad track behind that one. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll find the house for you, trust me.”
A few weeks later Sheri sent me my first listing. It was new on the market and was having an open house in a few days. We walked in and it had me with the beautiful hard wood floors. It met my criteria and had a large backyard. We walked out and made an offer. I asked Sheri if she thought I was foolish to buy the first house I saw. She said so many people didn’t trust their insticts and waited to offer until it was too late. She said, “I agree this is your house.”
I moved in 30 days later, and between the inspection, the Welcome gifts, and loan process, I couldn’t believe how flawless, easy and exciting the experience was. That’s what Sheri and her team bring, flawless experience. 
Thank you, Sheri! Still loving it all, especially my backyard!!
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