February 2018
Imagine putting your trust in people who are dealing with the single biggest transaction of your life … and they reinforce (no, guarantee) that trust.

Working with this team was, in a time of maximum stress, a complete joy – honestly. Not only were Sheri and Jennifer capable, but when I throw in delightful, honest and trustworthy on a personal level – bingo, the “perfect storm” happens. Every one of the 2 million forms, etc. were on time and accurate. The crews and contractors they recommended were exceptional. We met out primary “go-to guy” through them, moved to Northern California 2 years ago, and are still in contact with him. 

Moving was difficult and, if I had to do it again, I would entertain the idea of flying them up here to handle it. Their efficiency would most certainly outweigh the costs.

My wife and I love these guys. They still communicate with us – not as brokers, but as friends. They are a 5-star team.
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